Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tinhorn Creek releases four wines for summer

Photo: Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

It says volumes about how robust the rosé market is when a winery releases a reserve rosé.

Oldfield Series is the tag that Tinhorn Creek gives to its reserves. The current releases include two reserves – and two quite solid non-reserves.

The wines are also meant to draw attention to everything else going on at the winery this season. With an amphitheatre and the Miradoro Restaurant, Tinhorn Creek has emerged as one of the south Okanagan’s top destination wineries.

Details are on the website,

Here are notes on the wines.

Tinhorn Creek Pinot Gris 2014 ($16.99 for 8,478 cases). This is a textbook Pinot Gris, with citrus aromas and flavours of apple and pear with a lemony lift. The wine is crisp and quite refreshing. 90.

Tinhorn Creek Oldfield Series Rosé 2014 ($19.99 for 829 cases). This is a Cabernet Franc rosé, fermented in stainless steel with both wild yeast and cultured yeast. The colour is a light bronze pink, which the winery calls watermelon. It has aromas of blood orange. After the lightness of colour, the substantial weight on the palate is a welcome discovery. There are flavours strawberry and yellow raspberry, with a dry, lingering finish. 90.

Tinhorn Creek Pinot Noir 2012 ($19.49 for 2,262 cases). The wine begins with an appealing ruby hue, On the nose and on the palate, there is strawberry and cherry. The hint of oak adds some spice. The texture is silky and juicy. 90.

 Tinhorn Creek Oldfield Series Pinot Noir 2011 ($30.49 for 835 cases). It tells you about the vintages when you note this wine has 12.6% alcohol and its “little brother” from 2012 has 13.8%. Tinhorn Creek’s winemakers stood on their heads to make a reserve wine in a tough year. This wine has had 18 months in oak and two in bottle before release – and it is still firm. Time in a decanter delivers a more silky texture. It has aromas and flavours of raspberries and cherries. 89.

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